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Fuel for you and your car
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Fuels Offerred:
101 Octane, 100% Gas
93 Octane, Blend
91 Octane, 100% Gas
89 Octane, 100% Gas
87 Octane, 100% Gas
CNG - Compressed Natural Gas
E10 - 10% Ethanol,90% Gas
E85 - 85% Ethanol,15% Gas
Flex Fuel - is E85

Welcome to the RS Fuel company website:

RS Fuel is the next evolution of the traditional convenience store.  From our diverse selection of 10 different grades of fuel to our great selection of inside and constantly evolving products, our walk-in Beer Cave, convenient ATM & outstanding gourmet coffee bar, we're committed to providing a uniquely, friendly, clean, upscale experience.


Locally-owned & operated, RS Fuel, is in business to give you exceptional convenience.

Come visit us soon!


Store Hours: Sunday-Thursday:   6:00 am to 11:00pm
                    Friday & Saturday:  6:00 am to 12:00am
Address:       3330 W. Memorial Road, Oklahoma City, OK  73120
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